FAQ on Online Pokies

Online Pokies – FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

In case you are having any queries regarding pokies game play then it is advisable to go through our informative section on FAQ. This section will offer you with complete details regarding the game play for online pokies. In general, we have ensured that we cover general questions along with questions relating to jackpots and progressives. Apart from this we have also covered a few important questions relating technical issues of the game play and pokies machines.

FAQs – Online Pokies

  • How can I get started with games that I have reviewed at online-pokies.net.au?

In order to get stared with the games listed at www.pokies-online.net.au/ is good for you to try and select the casino that is listed on our website. Most listings related to online pokies casino can be found on the webpage. It is possible for player to visit the online pokies casino webpage, download and then install the casino software on their system. Apart from this you also need to get registered with the online casino room and get game to play. You can also try and go through the Beginners guide for related online casino and the articles related to how to get started with the online pokies game play.

  • What are percentages for payout for online pokies game play?

You need to keep in mind that in most pokies websites the payout percentages for any individual online pokies game play is hardly published. In general most online casinos try and publish the overall percentage for the game play. For most casinos this rate is equivalent to around 97%. This certainly is considered as a much higher rate as compared to any normal online pokies casino that are available in the form of land based casino.

Is it possible to enjoy the game play for free?
Yes it certainly is possible to enjoy free online pokies game play. The fact is that each of the pokies game play that are available can be enjoyed in the online world for free. Players might never be able to participate in the progressives for free. In order to enjoy the game play for free you just need to try and create your account with the online casino and then click the free game play. It is possible for players to enjoy the games for free till they are available.

  • Do the casinos offer with similar odds for real money game play and free game play?

In general, casinos offer players with similar odds. This is also one of the reasons why we request you to stay connected to the casino online till you are enjoying the game play.

  • Do you offer with a fair game play?

It is certain that our website offers players with a very fair game play. The online casinos that are listed with us certainly make use of genuine quality software and so the payouts and games are audited on regular basis.

  • How safe is it to enjoy online pokies for free?

The fact is that most casinos offering free pokies offer with a safe game play. They always ensure that they offer customers with genuine and secure game play. In present time, casinos also make use of advanced technology to ensure that all your personal information and date are safe with us.

Technical issues


  • Is it possible to enjoy pokies offline?

The fact is that when playing pokies online you need to stay connected to the online casino server and software. This is true even if you are playing a free mode game play.

  • How can I view the past history of the game play?

There are a number of online pokies casinos that offer players with feature to view the game history. It is possible for players to view the results of each spin in the game play. This is a feature that is in general available for real money game play.

  • Do you offer with Mac compatible game play?

There are not many casinos that offer with Mac version for download pokies games. Apart from this you have an option to make use of flash version of the game play. This version can be used with most systems.

Jackpot FAQ’s

  • How real are massive progressives?

The fact is that most jackpots offer with million dollars wins. Some of the best online casinos also offer players with consistent progressive wins for millions of dollars.

  • How do progressives cash out?

The payment for jackpots and progressives certainly is done in one installment. So the moment you hit one you can always expect massive payouts.