Pokies Casino Odds and Jackpots

Pokies Casino Odds and Jackpots

There are a number of players who play pokies but make a mistake by selecting slots that offer them with big jackpots, as they are confident that they can hit the jackpot instantly. When playing pokies in the online world you certainly need to consider a number of factors that can affect your game play.

  • If you select a big jackpot value then it certainly might not be easy to hit it
  • When playing flat top pokies then it is certain that you get to make use of similar game odds which is independent of the amount of jackpot it is offering to you
  • The moment you play the big jackpot pokies for small period of time then it is certain that you are going to loose your money in the game play. Most big jackpots only cash out if they have collected big amount of money in the pot
  • Most big pokies jackpots certainly do offer players with worst odds for winning. This fact is true for any amount of money you are playing for.

So if you are playing the game to win then it is best to try and select slot machine that offers players with small jackpot value. This is one of the tips that most professionals might never offer you with. When playing pokies try and compare the odds offered in different game play. Even if you come across any pokies jackpot that is big still you might have to try and enjoy playing it for long hours. You should never forget that slots are designed to help casinos generate big money and so they offer players with least odds.

If there is any pokies jackpot that is very big in value still you might have to try and invest your time in the game play.

It makes no difference when the slot hit last jackpot

There are a number of online casinos that claim that the machine is about to make its biggest hits. When playing pokies you need to keep in mind that with any game play you only have 1 to 200,000 odds that you get to make the big hit. For any amount of money or time this odds certainly do not change as they are constant. With pokies there certainly is no way to select a ‘due to hit’ jackpot. When playing this game play always consider the probability principle. The moment you insert a coin you only have 1:2 ratio for making your win.