Pokies odds

Pokies odds – Understanding them better

The virtual wheel setup is such that it helps in determining the best odds you have in any game play for hitting the big win. This generally depends on the combination of symbols and numbers on the spinning wheels. Apart from this the halts on the wheels is also in relation to the actual halts on the virtual wheel. The moment you click the halt option on the virtual wheel it helps in determining the real halts for the wheel on the online pokies machine. When playing jackpot game, you have the convenience of halting the wheels only ones in the game play. So the moment you are playing 64 combination pokies then your best odds for winning the game are 1 to 64.

So if you are playing the game in online world and if you are looking forward to make your win more effective then you only have 1:63 chances to win or even 1:144 or 1:262. The moment you select a machine that offers with big win then it is natural that the odds are also narrowed down. So when playing big win pokies you always have much less chance of claiming for your win. The moment you are playing the game play on download pokies then blank spot is one factor you should be aware of. This is the factor that is in general displayed on the spinning wheel. This is also best chance for any player to claim for the win in the game play. In case you have missed your first chance to hit the jackpot then it certainly is not advisable to try for second hit. The fact is that most pokies are designed to offer players with fixed winning percentages.